Donald Trump Mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger's Television Failure

It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump(70 years old) can be a good Terminator; However testo enantat kaufen, it has become clear to the audience of the show «The Apprentice» that Arnold Schwarzenegger (69) is a terrible television presenter . That «shoemaker to your shoes» fits perfectly with the bodybuilding king. His thing is action movies with little dialogue and not pretending to be a successful businessman by sending economic teams to compete from one side of the country to the other. Broadcast through NBC, «The Apprentice» is a reality show in which nearly twenty contestants compete against each other for a contract and a cash prize .

The bad thing for Arnold is not so much his meager skill on the small screen, but that his predecessor was the current president of the United States . , who devastated this reality, making him the television platform from which he promoted his political career . And Schwarzenegger has done just the opposite: Years after leaving his post as Governor testosteron kur of California , he agreed to conduct the program.

Schwarzenegger’s intervention in the «The Apprentice» saga, which was intended to be a spin off (project born from a previous one), began in January and, in a month and a half, is already finished. The audiences have been so low that Trump himself, in one of his usual morning encounters with his mobile, wrote on his Twitter account . В«We had a huge success with» The Apprentice «and when I started my career as president, I had to leave the show. It was then that he had already made the decision. They hired a great star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to fill my role. We already know the result. Ratings fell to the sewers . It has been a total disaster. His executive Mark Burnett will never bet against Trump again.I want everyone to pray for Arnold, if they can.

Of course, the protagonist of Conan’s neck muscles tightened and he choked on breakfast three hours later in California, when it was dawn on the east coast. As soon as it was clear, he recorded a video that he tweeted. Hey, Donald. I have a great idea. Why don’t we change jobs? You are still on television with your ratings and I took your place so that people can sleep peacefully again В».

The confrontation did not escalate until it was announced this week that Arnold would not return to the second season of the reality show and the US president, between the storm of messages against Obama and the alleged wiretapping in his New York skyscraper. York launched a new bid: It’s a lie that Arnold is voluntarily leaving the series, he was kicked out for his bad (pathetic) ratings, not me. Sad ending to a great show .

Division times

Arnold, for his part, assures that he is tired of being associated with Trump through «The Apprentice» and refuses to continue presenting the reality show . «With Trump involved in the show (he’s an executive producer), I don’t want to participate. We live in times of division and «The Apprentice» has been trapped in it, «explained the actor of Austrian origin, and a Republican like Trump himself, in an interview for the magazine» Empire «. For him, leaving «The Apprentice» is a small stumbling block in his long film career , which began in 1969. At the moment, he has seven films in production that will be released between 2017 and 2018; among them, the sequel to Conan. В«I have learned a lot with this program, it has been a great opportunity . Perhaps that is much more than Donald Trump can say at the end of his experience as President of the United States, «says Arnold.

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